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Sorriso Well Clinic
Orthognathic Surgery

It corrects facial, occlusal, joint and respiratory disharmonies.

               Many patients have more severe deformities, where orthodontic correction alone is insufficient to show the correct harmonization of facial structures. At this time, the treatment required to solve the problem effectively is combined with the orthognathic surgery. It is a specialty of Dentistry focused on shaping the face by repositioning the teeth and jaws through orthodontics and corrective surgeries.

               It is a completely individualized technique that simultaneously corrects facial, occlusal, joint and respiratory disharmonies, such as serious problems of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. The Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSA) is very common and infrequently diagnosed among patients. The syndrome encompasses a multiple-symptom set, which can start with snoring to excessive daytime sleepiness, with repercussions that may be unfavorable to several parts of the body. Therefore, these problems require specific tests and treatments that can be performed and prevented with the support of Well Clinic specialists.

               With advanced and computerized diagnostic methods and prediction of the treatment, Well Clinic can previously show the patient quite accurate results for different clinical needs, even before a surgery.

Sorriso Well Clinic
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