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Implant Dentistry
Implant and Graft

Start smiling again safely and with confidence.

               Over the years it is common for teeth to need specific care. People who have lost one or more teeth can now restore their dental arch and smile again without embarrassment.

               We have been using dental implants for over 40 years; it is a reliable and successful method in dentistry. They are manufactured with biologically compatible materials, well accepted by the body, and work like the root of a natural tooth. t is a minimally invasive procedure that keeps the natural bone of the teeth and minimizes bone loss due to bone stimulation. In addition, they provide stability and comfort after placement.

               However, there are cases where it is not possible to place an implant in a simple way without first making a bone graft. When some people lose their teeth they suffer from atrophy–or bone resorption–. The bones of the region become thinner and shorter or have shape defects, resulting in limited expressions, shriveled lips, difficult mastication, among others. The bone graft is used to allow the placement of the implant, improving the lost volume of the atrophied bone.

               Hard and healthy teeth play an important role in the health and well-being of patients, so Well Clinic has a team ready to meet and solve any problem that impacts the daily routine of patients, rescuing their self-confidence and reliance when smiling.

Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo
Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo
Zygomatic Implant

A great anchoring option for dental prostheses.

               The zygomatic implant is one of the most excellent techniques in the current implantodontics. It is recommended for patients who have had great bone absorption and do not have enough bone in the maxilla to support implants; also suitable for patients who do not want to undergo bone grafting procedures. This treatment consists of placing titanium pins on the zygomatic bone (positioned on the cheekbone) through an intraoral access, whose function is to anchor dental prostheses.

               The patient is able to return to normal activities within 10 days, and among the results are a stable bite, lip support, greater sensitivity in the palate and recovery of the masticatory strength.

               Here at Well Clinic we work with state-of-the-art features in the field of Implantodontics, always seeking to redeem the self-esteem and confidence of our patients.

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