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Company´s Purposes

At Well, healing follows an interdisciplinary approach, the result of scientific grounds, whilst caring is permeated by sensitivity that comes from the soul and passes through the heart, the most eloquent transdisciplinary manifestation. If the cure is the pursuit of physicians, caring is the responsibility of all. Being part of this journey is the highest aspiration of Well Clinic.


Increasingly be a reference as a transdisciplinary orofacial clinical center, combining strategy and values, innovation and tradition, individual talent and teamwork, knowledge and art.


  • Dedication: Paramount and sincere concern with the care and well-being of each patient.

  • Solidarity: Preserve the interest of each member of the team for the professional improvement of oneself and all colleagues.

  • Flexibility: Be open to change in response to the new needs of the field.

  • Ambition: Strive for excellence in everything we do.

  • Responsibility: Stimulate individual and collective commitment.

  • Integrity: Absolute transparency in the conduction of the undertaking.

Considerations on principles and values

Well Clinic is the result of a long and unparalleled tradition of dentistry, which has remained throughout the centuries. That this tradition has persisted continuously for all these years is unusual and unprecedented; that it has created a brand and managed to preserve it, expand it and protect it for so long is even more unusual. However, with such emphasis by the current administration to all that means “new and advanced”, it is revealing to observe that the foundation of its career is based on core values of continuous search for quality and service excellence.

We believe that the most attractive and rewarding aspect in clinical practice is the care for patients. The best health professionals, particularly in dentistry, are part technicians, part artists. The technician identifies and solves the problem through huge improvements in science and technology. Besides proving extremely useful to patients, it has a measurable and visible nature, in addition to being indispensable.

But the artist knows perfectly when patients lack an affectionate smile, comforting words, encouragement and a gentle hug. He/she is the one who makes them feel welcomed, motivated, safe, full of hope. In light of the imponderable, the artist pays attention to and accepts the frustrated alleviation and discouragement. The artist knows when there is nothing else the technician can do in helping the patient to cope with the limitations imposed by the circumstances. Because of the artist´s achievements many of us embrace the clinical career; if the feedback of the technician is the recognition that comes from outside, the artist´s is the gratitude that comes from within.

Thus, Well Clinic illustrates some hope. The hope of a “modern-traditional” company – an organization able to combine strategy and values, innovation and tradition, individual talent and teamwork, knowledge and art. Hope that this can be consolidated for future generations.

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