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Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo|Ozonioterapia Well Clinic

A new alternative in the treatment of tooth decay.

               Known for over 100 years, the ozone therapy has been increasingly disseminated in dentistry. The main purposes of its use are: to kill microorganisms, improve healing and increase the oxygen supply to the affected region, thereby maximizing the performance of the immune system.

               Well Clinic offers the use of Ozone as a new alternative for the treatment of tooth decay, fissure cavities, proximal cavities at an early stage, treatment of root canals, gum treatments, and in periodontal surgical procedures, extractions and implants.

               The use of ozone eliminates 99% of microorganisms present in dental decay lesions, allowing remineralization of decayed tooth.

               Among the benefits of ozone in dentistry are the following:

  • Antimicrobial activity;

  • Disinfection and remineralization of lesions;

  • Oxidation of bacterial plaque biomolecules;

  • Reduction of acid activity in bacterial plaque;

  • Amino acid oxidation in dental decay lesions;

  • Diffusion of calcium and phosphate ions in dental decay lesions;

  • Sterilization of fissures and induction of their mineralization.

Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo| Ozonioterapia Well Clinic
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