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Sorriso Well Clinic

Aimed at the functional and aesthetic balance
in oral health.

               Periodontics is the field that aims to preserve the structures that support teeth. Due to poor hygiene, smoking, poor eating habits and even stress, the gum may be weakened and be subject to bacteria and infections. Through preventive procedures such as daily care and regular visits to the dentist for cleaning and prevention, the oral health as a whole may be preserved and maintained throughout life.

               Once installed the periodontal pathology, also named gingivitis and periodontitis, it should be treated and monitored regularly through therapeutic, and possibly surgical, clinical procedures.

               Another increasingly important assignment of periodontics today refers to reconstructive, restorative and cosmetic procedures that seek, in conjunction with implantodontics and restorative dentistry, to restore the functional and aesthetic balance of the face.

               The periodontal plastic surgery is a procedure that aims at correcting gum defects that result in some kind of aesthetic relevance. It is an option for those who are not happy with his/her smile and also with the format and size of their gums (lack of excess), that influence the harmony of the mouth.

Sorriso Well Clinic
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