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Robert Well Clinic
Dr. Robert Coachman
CRO 14239
  • Cirurgião Dentista.

  • Graduado pela FOUSP. Master of Science em Odontologia Restauradora pela Universidade de Michigan.

  • Diretor Clínico da Well Clinic.

Jacqueline Well Clinic
Dra. Jacqueline Schneider
CRO 6626
  • Dentist surgeon.

  • Graduated from UFC (Federal University of Ceará).

  • Specialist in Dental Prosthesis and Implant by ABO / CE.

Luciana Well Clinic
Dra. Luciana Tubelis
CRO 138759
  • Dentist surgeon.

  • Graduated in Dentistry FMU (Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas).

  • Basic Holistic training - UNIPAZ (International Peace University).

  • Dental Prosthesis Technician at Escola Derville Alegretti.

  • Member of the American Dental Hygienists Association.

Guto Well Clinic
Dr. Gustavo Giordani
CRO 94427
  • Specialist in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology.

  • Postgraduate in Periodontics and Implantology.

  • International Fellowship in Periodontal and Periimplant Plastic Surgery in Antwerp / Belgium

Paula Well Clinic
Dra. Paula Costa
CRO 115481
  • Dentist surgeon

  • Graduated in Dentistry at FORP-USP

  • Specialist in Legal Dentistry from FORP-USP

  • Master of Science from FMRP - USP

Daniel Well Clinic
Dr. Daniel Ramos
CRO 12185
  • Master in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics (PUCRS 2002)

  • Professor specialization course in Orthodontics IMED-POA and Rede IOA

  • Invited Professor iHDS (Houston - USA)

  • Clinical Coordinator DSD & Invisalign TPS (DSD Planning Center - Madrid)

  • Clinical Director Propel Orthodontics Brasil

  • Official Speaker: DSD, Invisalign and Propel Orthodontics

Carla Well Clinic
Dra. Carla Zillig
CRO 14239
  • Graduation in Dentistry - 1999

  • Specialist in Endodontics - 2007

  • Endo TeamUnique APCD / FAOA SÃO PAULO

  • Postgraduate Restorative Dentistry - 2016

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