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Dental Technology

              Dentistry is constantly evolving and new technologies are always appearing and gaining strength.

              We at Well Clinic are always looking to be connected to these new technologies and bring them to our patients, improving and optimizing treatments.

Learn more about these technologies below:

Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo|Escaneamento Digital Well Clinic

Digital Scanning

          3D digital scanning is a faster and more accurate image capture system for natural tooth and gum structures, ensuring the optimization of the patient´s appointment time and comfort, as in a few minutes it is possible to have all intraoral images of them. The camera just has to be placed on the dental surface for the scanning to start automatically, providing data collection greater accuracy for diagnosis and ease of communication with the patient.

Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo|TScan Well Clinic


          T-Scan is a modern, fast and accurate method for timing and bite strength measurement. It can accurately show where and when this strength was applied and also whether if it is excessive or not. This information is needed to determine and restore the perfect balance of a bite.

Digital X-Ray

          The Digital X-ray can capture images with higher quality and lower exposure of the patient to radiation when compared to analog systems. It is possible to achieve results in a few seconds, thus making their precision and preview process easier, thus enabling a fast and immediate diagnosis.

Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo| Raio X Digita Well Clinic

Dental Microscopy

         Dental Microscopy provides more safety, quality and precision for performing clinical procedures because the preview of the field of work is increased by up to 20 times with regard to its actual size. Moreover, the exposure of the images can be done simultaneously on a video screen, providing a better interaction and diagnosis.

Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo|Microscopia Odontológica Well Clinic
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