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Cosmetic Dentistry

Integration between oral and aesthetic health provide a healthy and natural smile.

               The smile is the most important business card of a person. A healthy, beautiful and youthful look has become the desire of many people. Furthermore, white, beautiful and perfect teeth indicate good health and bring more harmony to life.

               The Cosmetic Dentistry involves a complete facial analysis (a record of photos and videos, digital X-ray and digital scan of all teeth) and an integrated 3D digital planning able to observe not only the teeth and the smile, but also every detail of all the facial set, always with the mission to offer the patient the best aesthetic and functional balance.

               At Well Clinic, the patient will find the most innovative techniques of Dentistry and also the best experts. One of the major goals of the entire team at Well Clinic is to seek a balance of cosmetic needs of the patient compared to functional requirements and, at the same time, preserve the individual characteristics of each patient, always ensuring quality and warranty in all procedures.

Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo
Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo

Dental Contact Lenses

             Dental Contact Lens is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the patient to change and correct their smile in fewer appointments, providing a functional and aesthetic balance. After detailed 3D digital planning and face and smile analysis (protocol of photos and videos, digital X-ray and digital scan of all teeth), the professional will appoint the need (or not) for the procedure.

             Manufactured in our own laboratory–Well Lab–the contact lenses are suitable for closing a gap between the teeth (diastema) to correcting changes in color, angles and/or shape of the teeth. They are tailored for each patient, providing a white and natural perfect smile.

Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo

Ceramic Crown over Implant

             The treatment with implants is the major form of aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of patients who have lost their teeth. Inserted on the implant, the ceramic crown provides a natural look to the smile, redeeming the self-esteem and confidence of our patients.

             The implant works as a foundation for a ceramic crown; this method does not impact existing healthy teeth. The ceramic crown over implant presents the best aesthetic result, since it does not contain metal inside, being highly resistant and not suffering color change over time.


             The tooth whitening process can be done in two ways: in the office or at home. In the office, the dentist isolates the teeth (with a rubber sheet) to protect the gum and apply a whitening gel, being possible to see the difference in the first appointment. The number of sessions is defined by the dentist and varies according to each patient´s needs.

             At home, under the guidance of the dentist, the patient receives a whitening kit with a whitening gel and a tray. This process can take from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the yellowing degree of the teeth. We remind that the perfect tone of whitening is defined together with the professional.

Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo

Resin Restorations

             Restoration is a way to get teeth impacted by cavities back to their regular shape and function.  The professional starts this process by removing the decayed part of a tooth, then cleaning the impacted area and filling the clean cavity with a restorative material. The purpose of this procedure is to fill up the gaps where bacteria can infiltrate, avoiding further invasive procedures.

             In recent years, the demand of patients looking for replacement of old and darker restorations with beautiful more aesthetic resin restorations has increasingly grown.  Resin restorations allow better aesthetic finish, as they can be made in the same color as the existing teeth, providing a more natural look and beauty to the smile.

Well Clinic Odontologia | Clínica Odontológica | Dentista São Paulo

Uma das clínicas Odontológicas mais modernas do país e uma equipe de dentistas interdisciplinar! Atendimento humanizado! Melhor clínica odontológica de São Paulo, próximo ao parque Ibirapuera.

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