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Well Clinic

Well Clinic, located in São Paulo, is the result of a long and unparalleled tradition in dentistry that has crossed the centuries. That this tradition has endured uninterruptedly for all these years is unusual and unprecedented; that has created a brand and managed to preserve, expand and protect it for so long is even more unusual. However, with such emphasis, on the part of the current management, to everything that means “new and advanced”, it is revealing to note that the bases of its trajectory are based on its essential values of permanent search for quality and excellence in service.

We consider that the most attractive and rewarding in clinical practice is caring for patients. The best health professionals, particularly in dentistry, are partly technicians, partly artists. The technician identifies the problem and solves it through the enormous advances in science and technology. In addition to being immensely useful to patients, it has a measurable and visible character, as well as being essential.

The artist knows perfectly well when patients lack an affectionate smile, comforting words, encouragement, and gentle embrace. It is he who makes them feel welcomed, motivated, safe, full of hope. Faced with the imponderable, the artist pays attention and welcomes the frustrated outburst and discouragement. The artist knows when there is nothing more that the technician can do to help the patient face the limitations imposed by the circumstances. It is for what the artist does that many of us embrace the clinical career, because if the return of the technician is the recognition that comes from outside, that of the artist is the gratitude that comes from within.

In this way, the Well Clinic illustrates hope. The hope of the “modern-traditional” company - an organization capable of combining strategy and values, innovation and tradition, individual talent and teamwork, knowledge and art. May this hope be consolidated for future generations.

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