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Sorriso Well Clinic

Invisalign's transparent aligners are almost invisible and allow you to maintain your daily routine without people realizing that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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Well Clinic
Digital Smile Design - DSD

DSD provides optimization in treatment time and allows the patient to check and actively participate in the smile change process. It is possible to know how the smile will look before starting the treatment.

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Sorriso Well Clinic
Inhalation anesthesia

Sedation with Inhalation Analgesia is what we call conscious sedation, which through a mask is inhaled nitrous oxide (famous laughing gas) allowing the patient to be more relaxed.

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Test Drive do Sorriso Well Clinic


Você não compraria um carro antes de fazer um test drive. Então, porque você não pode fazer o mesmo com o seu novo sorriso? Nosso protocolo exclusivo dá aos pacientes a chance de experimentar seus sorrisos antes de se comprometer com o tratamento.



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Dr. Robert Coachman
CRO 14239
Dra. Jacqueline Schneider
CRO 6626
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Dra. Luciana Tubelis
CRO 138759
Well Clinic
Well Clinic
Well Clinic
Well Clinic
Well Clinic
Well Clinic
Well Clinic
Well Clinic


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